Versova+ Macbook Air Repair Centre in ((Versova))

Versova+ Macbook Air Repair Centre in ((Versova))

Versova+ Macbook Air Repair Centre in ((Versova))

Apple Macbook Air Repairs, If your laptop will not work as expected, don’t worry. Our dedicated repair service is designed to get you back up and running in no time.

No matter where you bought it, simply bring your laptop into a PC World or Currys with a we’ll give you a free consultation to determine what the problem is. If you are unable to come into Centre you can call our Quick IT Services – 9820158012. If the laptop can be repaired we’ll attempt to fix it in our centre, but if it needs parts we’ll send it off to our specialist repair lab. We offer a fixed price for labour and delivery if it needs to be sent off.

  • A1369 Macbook Air Repair Centre in (( Versova)),
  • A1370 Macbook Air Repair Centre in ((versova)),
  • A1465 Macbook Air Repair Centre in ((Versova)),
  • A1466 Macbook Air Repair Centre in ((Versova)),

If we need to send your laptop to our repair lab, we will let you know about any additional costs for parts as soon as possible. If you want to continue with the repair, or if you would prefer not to proceed we’ll send your laptop back to the centre you took it to. Laptop repairs come with a 1 month guarantee which covers the fault we repaired. Laptop screens can be fragile and break more easily than people think. We are Laptop Screen Specialists, we replace your laptop screens, using the highest quality parts. We have used repair services for your laptop.

If you are experiencing some trouble with your computer, or you’re interested improving certain aspects of your Apple Mac, computer or laptop and would like to repair.

Our specialists are at hand to help you deal with any issues you may be experiencing with your or laptop, whether it be hardware or software related. We provide both ‘on the spot’ repair, meaning our experts will resolve your laptop issues whilst you wait, and a ‘collection’ services which allows you leave your laptop in the hands of our trusted experts who’ll give you a call once the issue has been fully resolved.

For Our Quick Services and Support Just Call Us  970 252 5364, 9820158012

You Can visit Our Service Stations : Office No. 4, Sukh Sagar CHS, Near Akruti Star, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai -400093

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