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Apple Macbook Air Repair

Free diagnosis is on top of our list of MacBook Air repair because we believe in taking care of your needs. Every little doubt should be checked to prevent greater harm to MacBook Air. Apple’s warranty is usually 1 or 2 years and even when warranty is valid they check the gadget thoroughly to determine if the damaged is caused accidentally or by consumer error. Apple has a little widget known as Dent Inspection tool which detects dents and bulges in MacBook surface and edges, if a physical glitch is detected then MacBook is considered out of warranty. Mumbai IT Services has proudly restored and repaired numerous MacBook Airs. Our Technicians are experts in their work and we have experience on all models and all issues of MacBook Air. If you MacBook Air face breakdown fails to start-up runs slow, overheats or make strange noises bring it to us and get free diagnosis followed by quick and efficient recovery. Our aim is your satisfaction.

MacBook Air safety tips require keeping magnetically sensitive data and coins away from it, choosing correct sleep mode, being aware of when and where you plug in you charger but portable devices eventually face harm because of travelling. We cater almost all MacBook Air services. You can count on us if you need LCD screen repair or replacement. We only use high quality parts suitable for you MacBook Air. We also repair faulty keyboard, motherboard, battery, logic board and you can also get software services like recovering data, spyware and virus removal. So you can find almost all you MacBook Air repair needs under our roof. We guarantee your satisfaction and work for perfection.

Common Repair Problems

Problems or Issues you might be having with your MacBook Air

  • Blue screen / Grey screen / ‘Flashing Floppy’.
  • Problems with the power lead or AC adaptor.
  • Battery needs replacing.
  • Keyboard sticking / keys not working.
  • Trackpad is not working
  • wifi issue
  • Speaker issue

Could it be your hard drive?

If you spot any of the following behaviour on your MacBook Air do call us:

  • the folder icon has a question mark on it and flashes
  • completely white screen
  • poor performance (tasks taking longer, the machine taking longer to respond to commands)
  • seeing a coloured spinning circle (looks like a beachball)

Had an Accident?

Split drinks (hot or cold).

Dropping the MacBook, or knocking it on the floor.

  • Your Products will be collected from your home, office or any other location of your choice in Mumbai.
  • Our Engineers will collect, pack and sign for your Products.

Apple Repairs Mumbai provides quality support and repair servicing 14 hours a day 7 days a week to all Mumbai metro areas.

For onsite computer repair servicing and support please contact – 9702525364, 9820158012, 8097780741, 9702525329

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