Apple Laptop Repair in Mumbai

Are you looking for Apple Laptop Repair Services In Mumbai? Our Independent repair centre has been repairing all models of Apple Laptop Including Macbook Pro/Retina and Airs, since the earliest G4s to the latest additions to Apple’s product line up. Our in depth knowledge and Experience of Apple Laptops allows us to provide repairs generally much cheaper than Apple directly and we start most jobs the same day. We provide free quick checks and you can also post items in via Post or have us arrange a courier if you cannot make it to our Repair Centre.

  • Free Apple Laptop checks no cost no obligations 7 days call 8879579180

Choose Apple Repairs Mumbai for your Apple Laptop

  • Front glass screen replace
  • Macbook Pro/Air/Retina Complete keyboard (us, uk, arabic) Replacement
  • Macbook Pro/Air/Retina Trackpad Replacement
  • Macbook Air SSD Replacement
  • Macbook Pro Retina Display LCD Replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • HDD Cable Replacement
  • Speaker Replacement
  • Magsafe Port Replacement
  • Bottom Screws
  • Fan Replacement
  • Hard drive and system crashes
  • OS reinstalls and error troubleshooting

Our Apple Repairs Service Centre is open 7 days for all of your service requirements including broken and smashed LCD screens, Front Glass, water damaged items, software error issues, power not turning on problems and more. We can also provide a motherboard service at the component level to save you quite vs having to either replace the entire system, or a costly Logicboard replacement in full. What’s more we offer 1 to 3 months warranty on all completed repairs.



Contact our Apple Laptop Repair  Centre 7 days on 8879579180, 8879580478

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