Apple Laptop Charger 45W, 60W, 85W in Juhu

Apple Laptop Charger 45W, 60W, 85W in Juhu

We have all Adapters which you need for macbook air or macbook pro.

What you would do if there is a meeting after one hour and your charger stop working you don’t have an option because you need to have your important data immedieatly no woory we will help you at that time its bees so easy to have a adapter at your place with free drop off facility we provide box packed apple adapters these are apple sealed packed and have 6 months warranty on the same so don’t try hard if its not working

Call us and we will deliver it to your place within one hour(ASAP).

Magsafe 1 45W, 60W, 85W

Magsafe 2  45W, 60W, 85W

For more iniformation call us now at – 9702525364, 9820158012, 8097780741, 9702525329

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