Apple Macbook Pro Logic Board repair  Bandra East

Apple Macbook Pro Logic Board repair Bandra East

Apple Macbook Pro ^ Logic Board repair  Bandra East

For as long as we will have the invention of new gadgets and contraptions to make life easier, we will also have problems associated with each one of them. They will either affect us negatively or positively through influencing our behaviour, or malfunction for various reasons.  If it has been created or manufactured, be assured that it will break down at one point or another. There is no end to the problems that face computers today, from damaged screens, breakdown due to constant use and spillages. The latter can be extremely dangerous because it can harm both the computer causing it to dysfunction; it can also be a hazard to the users and those around if it is not taken care of at the earliest opportunity possible.

Whenever the logic board is having any problem it is best to avoid touching it at all unless you perfectly understand what it is that you ought to do. Unlike other computer problems where one can go online and follow a guided repair video, Apple MacBook pro logic board repairs are highly recommended to be attended to by experts who are familiar with the matter and fully understand what to do.

  there are many experts who will provide you with your Apple MacBook pro logic board   repair at very affordable rates. You will also be glad to know that you will not be charged any extra shilling for the diagnosis, estimate and evaluation of your computer. This will be done free of charge. Since we understand  that a MacBook pro logic board replacement will  be a very expensive option, we will not recommend it at   first. Rather we will work hard to fix the problem and ensure that your computer is in good working     condition once we are done. A replacement will be the last and only remaining option if it will be    recommended.  Talk to us and experience our exceptional services.

Macbook Pro All Parts Repair Here

  •   Macbook Pro Mother Board,
  • Macbook Pro Screen Replacement ,
  •  Macbook Pro Trackpad,
  • Macbook Pro Front Glass,
  •   Macbook Hard Disk ,
  • Macbook Battery Repair,

APPLE MACBOOK PRO Unibody LOGIC BOARD 13″/15″/17″ Models Repair Service

90 DAYS REPAIR WARRANTY(95% repair rate)

We have fixed a lot of laptop logic board which have been failed from other repair centre, Give your laptop a chance to reborn, and give us a chance to serve you!We repair ALL Models of Apple MacBook pro on liquid spilled damaged or other logic board issues. The repair service takes about Monday to Saturday days. However, some s pecial issues may take a little bit longer than expected. If we cannot get your laptop fixed,  

Our repair technicians are well trained and equied with high-end repair tools. We even use lead-free solder balls to perform all kinds of BGA repairs. With lead-free solder balls, the melting point is much higher than those lead solder balls which will be easy to have the same overheated issue again and again. The quality of our repair is guaranteeWe have fixed over laptops within 6 months for our local and online customers. We are the laptop motherboard/logic board repair specialists in Mumbai

Repair Macbook Pro

Our experienced repair specialists can resolve all kinds of issues within your computer. No matter if a liquid is spilled on an Apple MacBook or Pro, no display, no battery charge, no back light, no power with battery, no power with AC or any other issues, we can resolve all of them for you. Our average repair success rate is high about 95%. The different repair process, the better solution for you.

This repair service covers the repair of your laptop logic board or motherboard only. It includes the component chipsets replacement within the logic board or motherboard. It doesn’t cover the following:

  • Dead Battery and AC Power Adapter
  • Defective CPU and Memory
  • Defective Hard Drive and CD/DVD ROM
  • Cracked LCD/LED Screen
  • Defective Keyboard and Touchpad

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a detail shipping instruction email to show you how to prepare the repair service form within our system and send out your items. You can keep track your repair with the service number which will be generated when you prepare the service form.

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